Medical Air Evacuation

Bed to bed transfers in Emergency Medical Evacuation and Air Ambulance Services through private charter and commercial airlines



Medifriend Healthsys offers urgent bed-to-bed medical air transfer services across the globe. Weather it be an Emergency Air Evacuation or regular Air Ambulance services, we are dedicated to cater to the needs of our customers who are in need of emergency and urgent medical transportation. We offer timely air medical ambulance transportation services both domestically and internationally through Private Charters, Scheduled Commercial Airlines or helicopters based on need and feasibility. Our medical support begins from home / hospital including ground transportation and extends to air transfer formalities and protocols. We make sure that you receive care and monitoring from our highly trained medical staff members only. Emergency Airline services are categorized under three groups:

  1. Critical Care Transport (CCT)
  2. Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  3. Basic Life Support (BLS)


Medifriend Air Ambulance Service provides the maximum level of safety and medical support onboard and is equipped with all facilities of medical support such as oxygen cylinders, ventilators, pacemakers, monitors, defibrillators, gurneys, etc. All transfers are accompanied by a trained medical escort and paramedical staff. Some of the salient features of the our Air Ambulance Service are:

  1. Available 24x7
  2. Cost effective solution
  3. Experienced and highly trained medical staff
  4. State-of-the-art medical equipments
  5. Quick Response time and instant medical care

For enquiries call at our Emergency Helpline +91 98686 00004 or write to us at



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