Healthcare Consultancy Services

Advanced knowledge resources for creating efficient and cost effective healthcare systems and infrastructure.


Healthcare Consultancy Services

Our consultancy division works in tandem with various healthcare providers to facilitate better healthcare delivery to the masses through knowledge resources, research and insight into common healthcare delivery challenges.
We are committed and passionate about bringing operational efficiency with best management practices to manage professionally. We partner with all midsize to large hospitals. Our healthcare consultancies services spread in the areas of private hospitals, Laboratory services, e- health technology etc. With each engagement we employ methodologies that we have perfected with the help of our experience.


We provide consultancy services in the domains listed below:

  1. Quality Accreditations and Certifications
  2. Marketing & Strategic Consulting
  3. Hospital Project Planning and Designing
  4. Hospital Operations Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Training & Skill Development

Includes various touch points from government and private hospitals to enable them to deliver healthcare services in the most efficient manner.

For enquiries call at our Emergency Helpline +91 98686 00004 or write to us at



We are a diversified healthcare services company. Our core services are listed below

International Medical Assistance

Progressive and cost effective Medical Assistance Solutions to patients from across the globe<

Medical Air Evacuation

Emergency and Urgent Medical Air Transportation when you need it the most

Health and Wellness Programmes

Customized health and wellness programmes for individuals and corporates

Medical Education Programmes

Developing and delivering Continuing Medical Educational and Training Opportunities

Health Information Technologies

Information Technology Solutions to Create a Better Healthcare Information Network Across the Globe

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