Health Information Technology Solutions

Web and mobile based applications for various healthcare delivery platforms



Medifriend bridges the gap between patients and providers, where the technology helps in sharing health information easily and improvising on diagnoses, promoting self care. Patients also get to know more information about their health.
Health information technology (HIT) supports health information management across computerized systems and the secure exchange of health information between consumers, providers, payers, and quality monitors and it will improve individual patient care in addition it will also bring many public health benefits including:

  1. Early detection
  2. Improved tracking of chronic disease management

Patients can further use Health IT to better communicate with their doctors, learn and share information about health, and take actions that will certainly improve their quality of life. Health IT lets a commoner be a key part of the team that engages us to be healthy.


Medifriend Healthcare Consultancy Services introduces new and innovative solutions that are needed to deliver improved outcomes for healthcare providers, patients, and payers in an era of extraordinary transformation in the region’s healthcare sector. The successful integration and use of technology can streamline operational systems, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve care.
In order to assist and simplify the whole process our Health Information Technology solutions plays an important role. We offer the hi-tech products and consulting services to provide the robust platform for healthcare providers as well as patients.

  1. Patient Education Portal
  2. Public Health Resources
  3. Hospital Information System (HIS)
  4. Online Healthcare Discovery Platforms
  5. Online Medical Records
Summarised Benefits
  1. Improves health care quality or effectiveness
  2. Increases health care productivity or efficiency
  3. Prevents medical errors and increases health care accuracy and procedural correctness
  4. Reduces health care costs
  5. Increases administrative efficiencies and healthcare work processes
  6. Decreases paper work and unproductive or idle work time
  7. Extends real-time communications of health informatics among health care professionals
  8. Expands access to affordable care.

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We are a diversified healthcare services company.
Our core services are listed below

Quality Accreditation Services

Medifriend consults and supports hospital administrations and quality teams towards getting quality accreditation.

Health Information Technologies

Technology working hand in hand with Information towards a Better and Healthy World

Healthcare Consultancy Services

Hub of Knowledge, Expertise. Technical Collaboration

Medical Education Programmes

Developing & delivering Continuing Medical Educational and Training Opportunities

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